Drilling EDM, EDM, super Drill, small hole drilling EDM

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    • Type:Other
    • machine size:1450x1450x2210mm
    • machine weight:1000/1100(NW/GW)kgs
    • table size:600x300mm
    • x-axis travel:450mm
    • y-axis travel:350mm
    • z-axis travel:350mm

    Key Features

    ●Drilling capacity from 0.2 mm to 3.0 mm diameter brass or copper electrode tubes.

    ●The flushing medium used by this machine is distilled water.

    ●Automatic pressure release function is used in the system.

    ●The long life worktable is made of stainless steel.

    ●Capable of drilling at any angle, into curved surfaces, and irregular shapes. 

    ●Precision servo motor control for stable drilling. 

    ●Designed for drilling hardened tool steel, carbides and other conductive materials. 

    ●Suitable for small workpiece and components.